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Shrimp, Pork, Fish, Lamb Chops & More

  Click & Scroll. Take your time and look around. Simple & delicious recipes. A lot of time and love were put into these recipes.  Asian Fried Chicken Delicious fried chicken bites seasoned beautifully and tossed in a traditional Asian sauce. Ground Beef Taco w/ Homemade Slaw & Red Sauce Simple no fuss delicious ground beef beautifully seasoned in a flour tortilla with homemade cabbage and a homemade salsa. Japanese Tonkotsu A traditional Japanese ramen dish with super tender porkloin slices in one of the most tastiest broths. Honey Garlic Rosemary Chicken Sweet succulent honey garlic rosemary glazed fried chicen seasoned to perfection. Old Bay Fried Chicken Delicious pan fried chicken breasts beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection. Spicy Chicken Slaw Sandwich Spicy crunchy fried chicken sandwich beautifully seasoned with a delicious slaw and spicy cheesy mustard. Louisiana Fried Shrimp Cajun deep fried shrimp no fuss simple, fast, easy, and delicious. Baked Fried Zu

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